• Product design

    From initial design all the way to production

  • Custom parts

    We offer various custom parts machined individually to precisely fit your needs

  • Billet heads

    8 port A-series Mini head. Fully cnc machined using advanced 5-axis toolpaths for maximum performance. Coming soon.

  • Strength Calculations

    For virtually any type of structure. Also makes it possible to calculate complicated cases including surface contacts, e.g. interference fits

  • Computer aided design

    We can design anything from simple 2D parts to parts containing complex 3D surfaces






Elmer Technology Development Ltd
Luomankuja 28
Kirkkonummi, Finland

E-mail: info(a)elmtech.eu

Phone: +358 10 320 6320
You can reach us on weekdays
11:00-19:00 GMT+2

Business id: FI21806265

Elmer Technology Development Ltd is a specialized product and technology developer. Whether you need drawings for a custom part or a whole prototype engine, we can help. We also machine short series of parts as subcontracting, with short delivery times.

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