Elmer Technology Development Ltd
Luomankuja 28
Kirkkonummi, Finland

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Phone: +358 10 320 6320
You can reach us on weekdays
11:00-19:00 GMT+2

Business id: FI21806265

Elmer Technology Development Oy Ab was founded in 2008 as an extension of the family's racing hobby. Oskar and Axel's engineering studies paved the way for the current service offering.

The first years of activity concentrated on the Elmgrens' own car projects and other related interests. As the routines developed, calculation and optimization projects were also run for customers. Today ElmTech uses a small grid of CFD processing computers with a total of 64GB RAM and 20 processing cores for design evaluation, and the newest addition: A 5-axis Hurco VMX42U CNC mill for prototype production.

Software used includes SolidWorks Premium, SolidWorks Simulation Premium, OpenFOAM, PowerMILL and a self-developed optimization program.

Elmer Technologies is a trademark owned by the company. So is Elmer Racing.


The Vision

Since the invention of the printing press humans have been extending the limits of our civilization. First through science fiction, then science, and finally everyday technological applications. ElmTech strives to be one of the organizations leading us all into the future we only dream of today.

We always negotiate our fees on a project by project basis, taking into consideration the difficulty level and timetable. You can estimate our hourly fee from the attached graph based on the total work hours for your project.

Notice the logarithmic scale on the x-axis.

"Regular rate" is for normal projects. We return job estimates on weekdays during our working hours.

"Rush rate" is for rush jobs. We accept rush jobs for up to 32 man-hours of estimated work, and will then have the results within 24h of the confirmed order. We're reachable around the clock. Rush work has a 95% availability.