Elmer Technology Development Ltd
Luomankuja 28
Kirkkonummi, Finland

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Phone: +358 10 320 6320
You can reach us on weekdays
11:00-19:00 GMT+2

Business id: FI21806265

Elmer Technologies specializes in development and prototypes. We work with metals and alloys, composites, plastics and even wood.

We use a 5-axis CNC mill to produce molds for various purposes, as well as parts for engines, transmission and suspension, and other parts, up to the size of a car's engine. Such parts may include, for example, pistons, intake manifolds, propellers, impellers, connecting rods, or even the wheel of a car. We produce single pieces as well as short series.

The machining can be done based on drawings supplied to us, example parts or we can design the parts from scratch based only on the desired specifications. If desired, we can also manufacture the parts from more exotic materials such as various magnesium alloys. Compared to aluminum, they can offer lighter weight and better heat tolerance.

We also work in composites e.g. for aero parts. In such parts the core is made of polystyrene foam and the surface either carbon or glass fiber.

We offer machine capacity for subcontracting to engineering workshops and machine manufacturers. We also manufacture molds for various industrial purposes.

Below are some pictures of the more interesting parts we have machined(and in some cases also designed) so far.

An aluminum injector housing and some cable guides machined from a solid piece of oak. Both parts greatly benefit from 5-axis machining.

A satellite dish polar mount designed and machined for a specific antenna at a specific location. It only has limited adjustment options as the angles are machined directly into the parts. It utilizes ball bearings for zero backlash and more precise tracking.