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We offer several different computer-aided design services. For example, we can design a single part based on the specs given to us, or design multiple part assemblies. If the strength of the part is critical we can also perform strength calculations. If a certain feature such as low weight is desired we can optimize for it in the design process.

For the CAD drawings and strength calculations we use SolidWorks.

Example: Suspension Geometry Design

Suspension geometry design is primarily needed for racing applications. We prefer designing from scratch, but we can work from specific parts if for instance your racing class rules have restrictions.

We design the geometry in respect to the wheels contact patch movement relative to both suspension travel and steering movement. We feel this is the best way to reach the best possible performance. Steering feedback and steering force are very important parts of the suspension geometry setup that we work on. In some cases it's possible to eliminate the need for power steering.

Vehicle dynamics simulations can also be conducted. These are actually good enough to be able to assess steering feedback, spring choice, damper setup and anti-roll bar stiffness.