Elmer Technology Development Ltd
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We perform strength calculations using the FEM (finite element method) in SolidWorks, on 3D CAD files supplied to us. We are able to calculate static, dynamic as well as non-linear cases for any kind of structure. In addition to metals and other homogenic materials we also offer strength calculations on composites.

In the finite element method the part is divided into many simplified smaller elements that are then possible to solve. The purpose of these calculations is to get an accurate view of the stresses in the part, to use in the designing process. The peak tensions can easily be spotted and the required changes can quickly be applied to the part before it is manufactured. Low-tension areas can also be spotted and then lightened if it is deemed reasonable for the part in question. Very complicated parts with for example surface contacts and bolt loads that would otherwise be very difficult to approximate, can also be calculated.

We have a combined experience of over 20 years in strength calculations and especially in taking advantage of them in light-weight structures and composite structures.

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