Elmer Technology Development Ltd
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Kirkkonummi, Finland

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Our development services can help you in two ways:

  • In further development of an existing product or in extending a product family
  • Developing and launching a whole new product.

Product development often focuses on improving the product's performance, which can be done e.g. by optimizing the product's design based on some designed feature. Another common approach is lowering production costs by reducing material use and improving the workability.

Brand new products are designed e.g. for start-up companies based on a product idea. Product design also comes into play when a company wants to get rid of the path dependency of an old technology in solving a specific problem.

Development projects often result in totally new possibilities for applying the same solutions or their parts to different purposes. We develop such new technologies both for our customers and out of our own interest.

We produce development services according to your need, either as an independent whole, or as a part of your own project or venture. We can also work together with your other subcontractors.


Our Knowhow behind the development services: